"A hundred-thousand years ago and twenty miles away,

there lived three sistahs known to be most gorgeous in their day.

They had the kind of beauty only read about in books

and everyone across the land was taken with their looks.

The oldest was Talulah-Rose,

the second, Agnes-Buelah.

The third, and loveliest of all, was Jezebel-Peculiah.

Now, though the girls were beautiful, they hardly looked the same~

some say the only thing they shared was 'Ghoulyah', their last name.

Talulah-Rose had raven hair and green skin, like a lizard,

which she maintained with nightly masks of pureed chicken gizzards!

Agnes-Buelah was quite tall and statuesque-ly thin,

and she always kept the whiskers braided on her pretty chin.

And Jezebel-Peculiah… aaahhh… mere words cannot describe her~

her looks made men fall to their knees and shook their very fiber…

She was such a roly-poly thing~ as round as a balloon~

and her lovely, iridescent face was wrinkled, like a prune.

She had six fingers on one hand and four upon the other~

and they SAY her orange-purple hair came from her dear


(yeah, riiight…)

But if I had to choose one thing~ her most attractive feature~

I'd say it was her eyebrow that looked like some furry creature.

It crawled across her forehead from the far left to the right,

and it wiggled when she flirted~ a most captivating sight!"

Well, friends, that's enough for now~ but you can just imagine the trouble these three lovely 'sistahs' have fighting off all their 'mistahs'!! We guarantee ya, it's a

rip-roarin' fun story the whole way through!

Written by Mark Kimball Moulton

Newly illustrated by Karen Hillard Good



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Twisted Sistahs

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